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Virgen bendita sin par, Pedro de Escobar

Pedro de Escobar (c. 1465 – after 1535), was a Portuguese composer of the Renaissance, active in Spain and Portugal. He was one of the earliest and most skilled composers of polyphony in the Iberian Peninsula, whose music has survived.

Conductor: Fr. Scott A. Haynes

Drums: Lindsey Adams

Distributed by Sony Classical.


“O Blessed Virgin without equal, source of all virtue, thou art worthy of praise. Thou, O Sacred Empress, undid the error and remedied the harm of sinners. Of the angels you are the Lady who bestows so much grace so that we may not sin against the One who human flesh deigned to take. Solomon sings about you and of all your beauty, the rose among thorns, full of perfection. To thee, the Almighty shows love. That thou art worthy of praise, from whom all virtue comes, thou art worthy of praise.”


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