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Lamentations of Jeremiah, Tallis

In the Hebrew Bible, Lamentations stands with Ruth, the Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, and Esther and with them makes up the Megillot, five scrolls that are read on various festivals of the Jewish religious year. In the Jewish liturgical calendar, Lamentations is the festal scroll of the Ninth of Av, a day commemorating the destruction of the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem. In the Catholic Church, the Lamentations are sung on Spy Wednesday in the Office of Tenebrae.


Here begins the Lamentation of the Prophet Jeremiah. Aleph.

How desolate lies the city that was once thronged with people.

The one-time queen of nations has become as a widow.

Once a ruler of provinces, she is now subject to others. Beth.

By night she weeps in sorrow and tears run down her cheeks.

Of all who love her, there's none to console her.

All her friends have spurned her and have become her foes.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, turn to the Lord, your God.


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