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Child of the Stables Secret Birth

Child of the stable's secret birth,

the Lord by right of the lords of earth,

let angels sing of a King newborn,

the world is weaving a crown of thorn:

a crown of thorn for that infant head

cradled soft in the manger bed.

Eyes that shine in the lantern's ray;

a face so small in its nest of hay,

face of a child who is born to scan

the world he made through the eyes of man:

and from that face in the final day

earth and heaven shall flee away.

Voice that rang through the courts on high,

contracted now to a wordless cry,

a voice to master the wind and wave,

the human heart and the hungry grave:

the voice of God through the cedar trees

rolling forth as the sound of seas.

Infant hands in a mother's hand,

for none but Mary may understand

whose are the hands and the fingers curled

but his who fashioned and made the world;

and through these hands in the hour of death

nails shall strike to the wood beneath.

Child of the stable's secret birth,

the Father's gift to a wayward earth,

to drain the cup in a few short years

of all our sorrows , our sins, and tears--

ours the prize for the road he trod:

risen with Christ; at peace with God.

Child of the Stables Secret Birth · David Hill

Choir: RSVP Voices

Album: Noël! 3: Carols and Anthems for Advent, Christmas & Epiphany

Copyright: ℗ 2013 Chester Music & Smith & Co.

Released: 2013-11-18

Music Publisher: Novello & Co. Ltd.


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