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The Secret Room of Mary's Heart

Fr. Scott A. Haynes

As we consider the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we can examine the various mysteries of the Rosary to gain a rich perspective. As we look at the mysteries of the Annunciation and the miraculous birth of Christ at the Nativity through Mary's eyes, we see how, over nine months, Mary entertained an archangel, gave her fiat to becoming the Mother of God, made her visitation to Elizabeth, and glorified God through her Magnificat. Our Lady traveled donkey back to Bethlehem with Joseph her spouse to be registered in the census of the Emperor Augustus. She experienced the marvelous birth of the Son of God, wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, laid him in a manger, and welcomed angels, shepherds, and kings.

St. Luke tells us that in response to the amazement of the shepherds, Mary treasured these words in her heart. St. Luke’s description paints an image of a woman who, amid the tumult of angels and signs and visitors and miracles, holds all these happenings in a place of stillness and contemplation. Thus, in Mary we see a woman full of a sense of wonder at the amazing works of God. Mary has found the secret room within herself where she contemplates God.

And you, have you found that secret room in yourself—that intimate place where you encounter God’s peace and love, that place where you encounter His grace in silent awe and in wonder? If not, then I dare say worldly cares and concerns are ruling your heart—things which you must surrender to the Lord's rule.

All those problems and concerns, all those troubles and sins—give these to Christ, to our Emmanuel, so that He can fill you with his light and life. Learn from Mary's Immaculate Heart how to entrust everything to Jesus. Treasure the things of God in your heart and Our Lord will fill that secret place in the inner recesses of your soul with that same joy that filled Mary—the joy who is Jesus our Savior and Lord.


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