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St. Anthony Novena

Fr. Scott A. Haynes

We celebrate the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua annually on June 13. From June 5-13, you are encouraged to pray the St. Anthony Novena and implore his powerful intercession. Nine Masses will be offered.


Daily Novena Prayer

O wonderful St. Anthony, glorious on account of the fame of your miracles, and through the condescension of Jesus in coming in the form of a little child to rest in your arms, obtain for me of His bounty the grace which I ardently desire from the depths of my heart. (State your intention.)

You who were so compassionate toward miserable sinners, regard not the unworthiness of those who pray to you, but the glory of God that it may once again be magnified by the granting of the particular request (State your intention) which I now ask for with persevering earnestness. Amen.


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