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Simon the Cyrenean

Fr. Scott A. Haynes

In the Passion of Our Lord, we consider how Simon the Cyrenean carried the Cross of Christ. Often, we are like Simon, because we stay behind in the crowd. We have a genuine concern for the suffering of others, but we are reluctant to act on it.

We only carry the cross when we are compelled to do so. We only do charitable works when someone else organizes it and when we are assigned to do it. We must become more prompt in our charity like Veronica who spontaneously comes forward with tender love to wipe the sweat from the face of Christ. Veronica’s heart is free to soar to the heights of love.

Simon’s heart compassionates the Lord along the Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross), but his heart is suffocated by fear. His legs are frozen, and do not move until the soldiers push him before the suffering Christ. Simon wants to get out of this task. He recoils from the horror of Christ’s sufferings. He detests the humiliation of this scene. Begrudgingly he carries the cross.

Yet, he does not run away. Perhaps as he carries the cross with Christ beside him he learns something of Divine Love from the Heart of the Divine Lover. Charity impels us to extend ourselves. Let us pray today to have a heart of generous love. Let us be prompt to love. Let us be joyful in love and let us obey the demands of love.


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