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Pentecost: Plenary Indulgence

Fr. Scott A. Haynes.

Catholics may obtain a plenary indulgence on Pentecost Sunday each year under the usual conditions. 

A plenary indulgence can be gained only once a day. In order to obtain it, the faithful must, in addition to being in the state of grace:

-A complete and whole-hearted detachment from all sin of any kind, even venial sin.

-Making a valid sacramental confession.

-Receiving Holy Communion in the state of grace.

-Praying for the intentions of the Pope.

To learn more about the general conditions of a plenary indulgence, click here. 

Text in English

Come, Holy Ghost, Creator,

Come From thy bright heavenly throne;

Come, take possession of our souls

And make them all thine own.

Thou who art called the Paraclete

Best gift of God above

The living spring, the living fire

Sweet unction and true love

Thou who art sevenfold in thy grace

Finger of God's right hand;

His promise, teaching little ones

To speak and understand.

O guide our minds with thy blest light

With love our hearts inflame;

And with thy strength, which never decays

Confirm our mortal frame

Far from us drive our deadly foe;

True peace unto us bring;

And through all perils lead us safe

Beneath thy sacred wing.

Through thee may we the Father know

Through thee the eternal Son

And thee the Spirit of them both

Thrice-blessed three in One.

All glory to the Father be

With his coequal Son;

The same to thee, great Paraclete

While endless ages run. Amen.



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