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Hide not Thou Thy Face, Richard Farrant

Richard Farrant (c. 1525 - 1580) was an English composer and play writer. Like many composers of his day, the early years of his life are not well documented. The first acknowledgment of him is in a list of the Gentleman of the Chapel Royal (clergy, singers and vestry officers appointed to serve the spiritual needs of the country's reigning sovereign wherever he or she was residing) in 1552.

During his life he was able to establish himself as a successful composer, develop the English drama considerably, and be the first to write verse-anthems. This anthem and the rather similar "Call to remembrance" were among the most popular anthems of their day and have lost none of their appeal.

Farrant's interest in acting is reflected in his word-setting, which is especially direct, declamatory and expressive; the composer seems to shake a fist at heaven.


Clare College Chapel Choir (1993)

Conducted by Timothy Brown


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