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Blessed Elizabeth of the Holy Trinity

Fr. Scott A. Haynes

At a young age, Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity was an accomplished pianist, renowned in France for her talent. She attended the Conservatory of Dijon from the age of eight and spent hours every day practicing at the piano. As she matured and sought God, she translated these beautiful, melodious sounds from the piano into the chambers of her heart, the very strings of her soul.

She recognized that music creates true beauty outwardly thus bringing the soul to communion with the Holy Trinity, and simultaneously can create an even more beautiful inner symphony when the soul sings for God in an unrestrained hymn of thanksgiving and praise, as she wrote:
“A praise of Glory is a soul of silence that remains like a lyre under the mysterious touch of the Holy Spirit so that He may draw from it divine harmonies; it knows that suffering is a string that produces still more beautiful sounds; so it loves to see this string on its instrument that it may more delightfully move the heart of God…”


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